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David Gibson

Unalaska's cross country team left Thursday for the state competition in Anchorage.

Senior Captain Henry Simmonds said the Raiders are hoping to make a run at their first title after breaking personal records throughout the regular season.

"Lately, we've seen a lot of progress," said Simmonds. "All of us are getting PRs — season PRs, career PRs — every weekend. It's been phenomenal for us."

David Gibson

Heading into the final stretch of the season, Unalaska's cross country team is making a run at their first state title.

Senior Captain Henry Simmonds said his teammates have been making big progress — and breaking personal records — all season-long.

"It's like all of us are getting PRs — season PRs, career PRs — every weekend," he said. "It's been phenomenal."


The Unalaska Raider Cross Country team started off their season this last weekend with a little bit of confusion. The Raiders were originally scheduled to attend the Tsalteshi Invite in Soldotna but found out on the morning of travel which was Friday that it was cancelled due to the wildfires on the peninsula.

Chugiak Coach Brian Kruchoski was able to put together a last minute race for all of those teams that were planning on attending the Tsalteshi Invite. The Unalaska Raider Boys Cross Country team competed against a predominantly 4A field and placed 10th overall. 

Berett Wilber / KUCB

Graduation marks the end of high school for Unalaska's 34 seniors. For most, high school is the end of competitive athletics.

But valedictorian Trevor Wilson has plans to continue playing basketball at the next level.

Wilson has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember.

His dad coached high school basketball until he was in middle school, and Wilson spent a lot of time in the gym.  

Courtesy Karie Wilson

Unalaska's boys basketball (14-4) team came up short at state. The Raiders entered the state tournament ranked No. 1.