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Drones can reduce the risk and cost associated with taking volcanic measurements.
Jack Elston
Black Swift Technologies
A group of scientists from Colorado is using drone technology to keep an eye on activity in Makushin Volcano.
About Town
  • Mary Heimes
    This year’s Iditarod Champion visited Unalaska on Friday. Ryan Redington was a guest lecturer aboard the cruise ship Silver Wind, along with musher Sarah Keefer. They sat down with KUCB’s Carlos Tayag to talk about the iconic sled dog race that his own grandfather co-founded fifty years ago.
  • Courtesy
    Schasteen Family
    In the mid-1960s, Robert "Tiny" Schasteen embarked on a life-changing adventure when he relocated to Unalaska, Alaska, to work in the thriving world of seafood production. It was within the bustling halls of PanAlaska where Schasteen crossed paths with the love of his life, Calette. Over the next nearly 40-plus years, Unalaska became his cherished home. He was known for his boundless generosity, quick wit, and contagious laughter. His involvement extended to public service and he was elected to Unalaska's City Council.
  • Courtesy of Allison Harrington
    Unalaska firefighters joined local students on Monday to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. About 100 students completed 117 round trips up and down the city school bleachers — the distance it would take to ascend the 110 stories of the Twin Towers.
  • A Bunker Hill Endurance Challenge winner is declared when someone completes a full marathon — that’s 13 trips up and down the hill.
    Hope McKenney
    The third annual Bunker Hill Endurance Challenge took place earlier this month after a weather-related delay. Thirteen participants raced up and down the hill as many times as they could within six hours. But this year, no one won.

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