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As DOT Cancels Service To Cold Bay Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, Unalaska Left Without Commercial Flights

Scheduled air service to Cold Bay is being cancelled through Dec. 1. That's expected to also disrupt service to Unalaska, where the only commercial flight option requires a connection in the Alaska Peninsula village. This is the first closure of this kind during the pandemic at any State of Alaska airport, according to Sam Dapcevich, a public information officer with the Alaska Department of Transportation. Cancellations are due to an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in the small...

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Hope McKenney/KUCB

Largely Insulated From The Coronavirus, Unalaska Is Watching Its Wastewater For Signs Of Trouble

Unalaska is one of few places in the state that has been largely untouched by the coronavirus. Since the onset of the pandemic, the community has only recorded 107 cases — 85 of which were from one factory trawler . As part of its strict mitigation strategies, in July, the island began mirroring universities and municipalities across the country to test Unalaska's wastewater for traces of COVID-19. And despite the island's first case of community spread two weeks ago, the virus is still below...

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Don't promote democracy, talk about the royal families or comment on treatment of foreign workers.

Israel is advising tourism professionals and businesspeople to avoid discussing those and other sensitive political topics with residents of the United Arab Emirates, as it protects its new peace deal with the Gulf Arab country and promotes new daily flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv, launched last week.

With their savings running out, many Americans are being forced to use credit cards to pay for bills they can't afford — even their rent. Housing experts and economists say this is a blinking-red warning light that without more relief from Congress, the economy is headed for even more serious trouble.

More people are in California hospitals with the coronavirus than ever before.

There were 8,198 people in California hospitals with COVID-19 on Sunday and new cases in the state are surging. Last week, the Golden State's seven-day average for new coronavirus cases was 2,708, a 109% increase compared to a month ago.

The state has reported almost 1.2 million cases and 19,121 deaths since the pandemic began.