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Unalaska youth gather for island’s largest wrestling tournament in decades

More than 30 kids participated in a wrestling tournament in Unalaska on May 11. The showcase featured over 40 matches, making it the largest wrestling tournament on the island in over two decades, according to Coach Rainier Marquez.

In this episode of "Island Interviews," Marquez sat down with KUCB's Raider Sports reporter Matheas Lopez to discuss how the wrestling tournament went. He also talked about a new wrestling organization called “Trey’s Takedown Shoes Initiative” that aims to help get more students involved in the sport by buying them new wrestling shoes.

This interview originally aired on KUCB on May 23, 2024.

Matheas is a current senior at UCSD. He plans to go to college for sports journalism/communications. Matheas reminds you to get out and watch all of the UCSD sports!<br/><br/>KUCB's internship program is funded in part by the Alaska Broadcaster's Association.<br/><br/>
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