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Greta Mart

Mayor Shirley Marquardt is running for reele​ction.

She's the fir​st person to declare her candidacy for city office, according City Clerk Cat Hazen.

Candidates have until August 18 to file for the October election.

Beyond the Mayor's seat, the ballot will include three spots on the City Council and three on the school board.

Laura Kraegel

Looking to run for local office?

Starting Thursday, Unalaskans can declare their candidacy for mayor, city council, or school board. 

Chrissy Roes/KUCB

The Unalaska City Council wants state officials to solve Alaska's financial crisis — and soon.

At a regular meeting Tuesday night, the Council passed a resolution urging legislators and Governor Bill Walker to compromise on fiscal legislation during this special session and fix the budget shortfall in the next three years.

The resolution passed unanimously, but not before councilors chose the wording carefully.

Jennifer Martin via Wikimedia Commons

Unalaskans can overturn the city's ban on commercial pot businesses — if enough of them vote for a new referendum in October.

The referendum earned a spot on the city ballot last week after a petition by local marijuana supporters gathered more than double the signatures required.

Supporters started the petition in February after the City Council narrowly passed a ban on all types of state-licensed marijuana businesses.

Cannabis Training University via Wikimedia Commons

Marijuana supporters in Unalaska have submitted a petition to repeal an ordinance banning state-licensed pot businesses.

The proposal calls for a referendum on city ordinance 2016-03, which prohibits all types of marijuana businesses, including the cultivation, manufacturing, and retail sale of pot.

The petition does not specify any new regulations for a local marijuana industry. Determining those would still be up to the City of Unalaska.