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If you have a prescription to pick up from the clinic, don’t go at lunchtime. The dispensary is indefinitely closed from 12pm to 1:15pm on weekdays.

Eileen Conlon Scott -- executive director of the Ililuk Family Health Clinic -- says during the police’s investigation into missing drugs there’s been a cutback in who’s allowed into the dispensary.

No Trial This Week

May 16, 2016
Greta Mart

All jurors summoned for this week's scheduled trial are off the hook.

The case that was slotted for this week has been resolved. On Friday at 10 a.m., there will be a change of plea hearing for two license-related driving violations.

Jurors 61 through 180 are still in the jury pool and could be called to serve later this year.

Unalaska's next trial week starts on July 18.

Man Pays For Plowing Into Eagles

May 12, 2016
John Ryan

An Oregon man who willfully drove his truck through a convocation of eagles last summer - killing two - was sentenced this month by an Unalaska judge. 

Alaska wildlife troopers issued 29-year-old Dennis C. Thompson a citation last June after a hit and run investigation. The charge was illegal taking of game.

Greta Mart

A fisherman is accused of commandeering a taxi and making multiple attempts to drive it -- and the driver -- off a bridge.

James Nulph of Santa Cruz, California was arraigned Friday at the Unalaska court house on three felony charges and three misdemeanors.

Police say after refusing to pay his taxi fare, Nulph tried three times to turn the steering wheel to force the cab into the water.

The arraignment was delayed a day because Nulph was too intoxicated for the hearing Thursday.

Present at the hearing was an alleged victim, a taxi driver for Swan Taxi.

Fisherman's Body Found In Local Marina

Apr 13, 2016
Vic Fisher

Divers recovered the dead body of a fisherman Tuesday evening, less than 12 hours after his captain realized the crewman was missing.

The deceased man has been identified as 35-year-old Matthew J. Warn. 

After his employer reported Warn missing midday Tuesday, police starting looking in the Carl E. Moses boat harbor, where the boat Warn was working on is berthed. At 7:30 p.m., commercial divers hired by police found his body under the marina's B dock.