Non-Resident Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Alaska Peninsula Village Of King Cove

Oct 13, 2020

Credit Berett Wilber/KUCB

The Alaska Peninsula village of King Cove has confirmed an individual tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday. This is the fourth confirmed case in the community of 900 people, after two non-resident Peter Pan Seafoods workers tested positive for the virus in June, and a King Cove resident tested positive — and subsequently negative for the virus — in late July. 

Upon receiving the positive test result, the unnamed individual was placed in isolation, according to Eastern Aleutian Tribes, the regional tribal healthcare provider, which operates the King Cove Medical Clinic. 

A statement from the healthcare provider said it's working with city and state officials to ensure precautions are taken to protect anyone who may have been exposed to the coronavirus. 

How the individual contracted the virus is under investigation.

The individual is not a resident of Alaska, and will therefore be listed separately from the state's total case count