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KUCB's John Ryan Wins Regional Murrow Award

Apr 19, 2016

Reporting from Alaska and Washington state throughout 2015, John Ryan covered Shell Oil's ultimately unsuccessful attempts to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean. 

The Radio-Television Digital News Association deemed his work for KUCB and for Seattle NPR station KUOW the best continuing coverage at any radio station in Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Idaho or Washington in 2015.  

Taking audiences into the midst of a flotilla of kayaking protesters in downtown Seattle or onto the remote shores of the Bering Sea, where a Shell icebreaker tore a hole in its hull last summer, he watchdogged one of the world's most controversial energy projects. 

John, KUOW's investigative reporter, spent four months as fill-in news director at KUCB public radio in Unalaska, the Bering Sea port town where Shell’s Arctic fleet was based. His coverage included using peer-reviewed science to debunk the Obama administration's rhetoric on the Arctic: The White House used Alaska as a backdrop to position Obama as a global leader on climate change the same month it gave the go-ahead to Arctic oil development that would inevitably push the world to dangerous degrees of warming.

You can listen to a 30-minute montage of the award-winning stories here.

Next, the KUOW/KUCB entry competes against 13 other regional winners for a national Edward R. Murrow award, to be announced by June. Congratulations, John!

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The sun sets on Shell's Polar Pioneer drill rig in Unalaska Bay in October after leaving the Arctic.
Credit John Ryan / KUCB