What You Need To Know About Unalaska's Candidates Before Heading To The Polls On Election Day

Oct 1, 2020

Credit Laura Kraegel/KUCB

Tuesday, Oct. 6 is Election Day.

The polls will be open at Unalaska City Hall from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

The ballot features two contested races: one for City Council seat B, between incumbent Thomas Bell and Brenda Baker, and another for school board seat B, between Patrick Shipp and Jolene Longo. 

While his name will appear on the ballot, Shipp said he is unable to participate in the race for the district's board of education due to family medical issues, and asked that Unalaskans not vote for him.  

If Shipp does receive a majority of votes, but declines the position and does not take office within 30 days after the election, board members will be required to appoint someone to fill the vacant seat.   

Meanwhile, Fernando Barrera is running unopposed for reelection at school board seat E. And in the race for council seat E, Anthony Longo is running a write-in campaign against incumbent Dennis Robinson.

Longo's name will not appear on the ballot, nor will election workers be able to tell Unalaskans that he is running, but votes for him will still be counted. 

Find a sample ballot here, read candidates' statements here, and find more information here

For those who missed KUCB's Candidates Forum with school board and City Council candidates last week, you can listen below. Patrick Shipp did not participate and is therefore not featured in the audio. 


 Updated Friday, Oct. 2, in order to add interview with Anthony Longo, write-in candidate for council seat E.

City Council seat B: Brenda Baker and Thomas Bell


City Council seat E: Dennis Robinson


Write-In Candidate for City Council seat E: Anthony Longo

School Board seat B: Jolene Longo 

School Board seat E: Fernando Barrera