Theo Greenly/KUCB

The Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska is once again accepting aluminum cans for free recycling, putting an end to a 16-month-long pause on recycling on the island. 

The tribe had previously been recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles, but put the project on hold in March of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered many of the island's facilities.

Berett Wilber / KUCB

In recognition of Earth Day, KUCB talked to Nicole Baker of Net Your Problem and Steve Tompkins, City of Unalaska Deputy Director of Public Utilities, about efforts to recycle fishing nets here in Unalaska.


This interview originally aired on KUCB on April 22, 2021.  It has been edited for length and clarity.



Earth Day: The Official Site

Wednesday marked the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. If you head to the official Earth Day 2020 website, you'll find a map of the world that looks like it's been, ironically, littered with confetti. There are pink, brown, green, blue, yellow, red, white, and grey dots covering much of the globe-at least the higher populated regions. And if you scan over the United States and Canada, you'll find a lonely green dot hovering over the Aleutian Island chain.

Hope McKenney/KUCB and Dennis Robinson

Voters asked mayoral hopefuls Dennis Robinson and Vince Tutiakoff Sr. about Unalaska's economy, environment, and potential as a future military base during last week's Candidates Forum. 

Laura Kraegel/KUCB

After spending years on Standard Oil Hill, the Qawalangin Tribe has leased a new home in the valley.

The tribe moved into the former Unalaska Building Supply this spring. KUCB's Laura Kraegel stopped by for a tour.

"On the east side, outside of the building, you'll see the big sign that says 'Recycle Center,'" says Shayla Shaishnikoff of the tribe's environmental department.

Shaishnikoff is pointing out the new 24-hour drop-off for its recycling program.