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Despite spending concerns, the City of Unalaska has adopted a $39.9 million budget for fiscal year 2020 — up 27 percent from this year.

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Alaska lawmakers are considering expanding a state park to include the historic graves of Unangan people who died during the evacuation of World War II.

After the Japanese bombed Unalaska in 1942, U.S. authorities forcibly evacuated more than 800 Unangax̂ from nine villages in the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands ahead of the Japanese advance.

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Unalaska's public schools will once again receive the city's full financial support — even as other municipal grants are stretched thin.

Last week, the City Council unanimously approved a $4.35 million funding request by the Unalaska City School District (UCSD).

Superintendent John Conwell thanked councilors for continuing the city's long tradition of making the maximum contribution allowed by state law.

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Next year, the Unalaska City School District will have a big batch of new teachers — and a new bus company.

Superintendent John Conwell updated the school board on both issues last week, emphasizing the district has already filled four of the seven staff vacancies sparked by resignations and sabbaticals.

"We're in pretty good shape at this point in the hiring season," he said.

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Unalaska's nonprofits are up against a budget crunch.

This year, a dozen organizations are requesting support from the City of Unalaska to the tune of almost $2 million.

That's more than a 50 percent increase over last year — and about $700,000 more than the city's current spending goal.