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Sand Point Resident Arrested After Numerous Burglaries

Aleutians East Borough

In Sand Point, police have arrested a local resident who was previously at large, following a spree of burglaries and thefts.

Officer Eric Tupper said police can't release the name of the individual yet, citing the ongoing investigation. But he said the person faces more than 10 pending charges.

The crimes began about two weeks ago, when the individual broke into the main city building and a local bar. Police issued an arrest warrant, but they couldn't find the individual until Thursday morning.

Tupper said the arrest finally came after the person spent the previous night breaking into buildings around Sand Point and stealing two vehicles.

"The city's public works building was broken into," said Tupper. "Another bar in town was broken into. Several bottles of alcohol were stolen there. Also during this time, a semi-truck from the cannery was stolen and left jack-knifed in a ditch. The city's trash truck was also stolen and flipped into a ditch."

Police believe the individual also broke into two homes and stole items including a TV and a PlayStation, before being caught in an empty house owned by the Aleutian Housing Authority.

No one was injured, but Tupper said there's significant damage.

"We haven't added up the total cost," he said. "But I know one of the incidents — out of the many that I listed — cost more than $5,000. So it's going to be a pretty substantial dollar amount."

He said the string of incidents also had a substantial impact on the community. 

"People were scared the next night," he said. "They were scared for their sheds and their property and what was going to happen."

The individual is currently in jail in Sand Point and will soon be arraigned. Tupper said police are still investigating whether anyone else was involved in any of the crimes. 

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