No Update From Ravn Or Alaska Airlines On Status Of Unalaskans' Existing Reservations

Nov 13, 2019

Ravn Air Group began selling tickets between Unalaska and Anchorage late last week. Tickets and flight schedules appear to be in flux on Ravn's website and Alaska Airlines' website.

Despite plans to resume Unalaska's regular flights on Thursday, Ravn Air Group and Alaska Airlines haven't addressed the validity of tickets booked before last month's fatal plane crash — or Ravn's decision to suspend commercial service for the last 27 days.

Ravn began selling reservations to and from Anchorage late last week. That's despite the carrier's marketing partnership with Alaska Airlines, which has long set prices and sold tickets for the route.

While Alaska Airlines' customer service representatives have told travelers that existing Alaska tickets are still valid, Ravn reps have said that they're not. The confusion has led some Unalaskans to book duplicate reservations — just in case.

Neither Alaska Airlines nor Ravn spokespeople have responded to KUCB's requests for clarification. At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, City Manager Erin Reinders said she didn't have any answers either. 

"I do know that Alaska Airlines was supposed to be having a meeting to talk about some of the transitional issues for current ticket-holders," said Reinders. "I was hoping to be able to have a detailed update for everyone today. I do not have that update. I have not received that update."

Reinders said she's been told to expect more information "in the next day or so."

Beyond the status of existing reservations, Vice Mayor Dennis Robinson said he's hoping to hear more on Alaska Airlines' mileage program.

Alaska's marketing partnership with Ravn has allowed Unalaskans to book tickets with Alaska miles and use other benefits.

"Most of the other communities in the state don't go through Alaska Airlines, but have to go through Ravn to get to Anchorage," said Robinson. "I hope we don't get in that boat. We're kind of spoiled, and we like those miles. Due to the high cost of living here, a lot of families depend heavily — heavily — on those miles."

Online tickets and flight schedules appear to be in flux on both Ravn's website and Alaska Airlines' website.