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The City of Unalaska has cancelled an $8.1 million renovation of the public library amid uncertainties from the coronavirus pandemic. But officials say the city will still owe as much as $3 million to the contractor.

At a special meeting Thursday night, the Unalaska City Council authorized the City Manager to terminate the contract with F&W Construction.

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While its 21-year-old building is under renovation, the Unalaska Public Library will move temporarily into the Burma Road Chapel.

The timeline for the move is still unclear. The city is working to finalize its contract with F&W Construction, the Anchorage-based contractor that won the bid.

"Things are still up in the air," said Roger Blakeley, director of the city's Parks, Culture, and Recreation Department.

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The City of Unalaska has approved increasing the budget for the Wind Power Development Project by $75,000.

The city is currently using meteorological (MET) towers to collect data for an energy study that'll determine if Unalaska can produce electricity from wind energy in the future.

Department of Public Works Director Tom Cohenour said the city is in phase three of the four-phase project to determine the best location for a wind farm.

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Engineers have taken down one of Unalaska's four meteorological (MET) towers after it was damaged in a fall storm. Its loss isn't expected to compromise the city's ongoing energy study testing the feasibility of a local wind farm.

On Hog Island, workers have been preparing a MET tower for winter, anchoring it deeper into the ground. That way, when high winds blow and heavy rain falls, it'll stand up to the elements and avoid damage.

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Ceremonies comprised a good chunk of Tuesday's meeting of the City Council.

Councilors, city staffers, and community members delivered the biggest honors to Mayor Frank Kelty and Councilor Roger Rowland, two longtime local politicians who didn't seek reelection this year.

"I've had a great run," said Kelty. "Unalaska will always be my home."