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The long-term parking limit at Unalaska's Tom Madsen Airport has been reduced from 60 days to 28.

City officials announced the change Friday, citing congestion at the roughly 40-vehicle lot.

"Being that it's so full and cars are staying longer, if we make it 28 days, it gives more people the opportunity to park," said John Days of the Department of Ports and Harbors, which manages the state-owned airport.

Days said the new limit will hopefully strike a balance between providing Unalaskans with enough parking time and keeping cars rotating.

Laura Kraegel/KUCB

The City of Unalaska is celebrating a major dock renovation at the Port of Dutch Harbor.

Officials marked the completion of the two-year, $40 million project with a ribbon-cutting ceremony late last month. The upgrades are expected to prepare the busy port for even bigger business.

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The completion dates for Unalaska's dock renovation have been delayed again. 

Last week, city officials granted a two-week extension requested by Turnagain Marine Construction, the contractor hired to replace a pair of aging docks at the Unalaska Marine Center.

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After more than 20 years of playing with the idea, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is closing in on its final recommendations for a dredging project in Iliuliuk Bay.

Removing a large bar could open the Port of Dutch Harbor to deeper-draft vessels — and bigger business. But it might also affect wildlife, currents, and erosion along Front Beach.

This week, the Corps is visiting Unalaska to present the first draft of its feasibility study. KUCB's Laura Kraegel spoke with Ports Director Peggy McLaughlin to learn more about the project.


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Two U.S. Army helicopters arrived in Unalaska last week, but their mission is unclear.

The CH-47 Chinooks have been sitting on the airport tarmac, and soldiers have been spotted moving about and inspecting them.

"They're there as part of a joint effort with the U.S. Air Force and — I think — the U.S. Coast Guard," said Lt. Colonel Martyn Crighton, a public affairs officer for U.S. Army Alaska. "But honestly, I don't have the details."

He said the unit is from Fort Wainwright, the Army post near Fairbanks.