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Ballyhoo Mountain Run Crowns New Champions

Berett Wilber/KUCB

The Ballyhoo Mountain Run crowned new champions on Saturday. 

Max Kaufman won the men’s division in a blistering 27:37, reaching the halfway point and racing down the mountain while the rest of his competitors were still climbing up. 
Alayna Dorobek ran into the women's top slot, with a time of 41 minutes, 31 seconds. 
Jonathan Pereat finished first for teens. In the youth division, the first boy was Deklan Nettleton and the first girl was Delyla Nettleton.
The PCR organized the annual race, offering runners a chance to earn glory and skinned knees. 29 runners completed the course which, climbs 1600 feet in less than two miles — the “Mount Marathon of Unalaska,” one runner said. 

Credit Berett Wilber/KUCB
Runners take off from the starting line of the Ballyhoo Mountain Run. Max Kaufman, far left, won the race this year.

Race conditions were beautiful, if grueling, with bright sun and no wind. And while this year’s finishers were fast, they didn’t break new ground: both the men and women’s records, set by Ben Bolock (2010), and Beatriz Dietrick (2016) respectively, still stand.