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Magnitude-4.7 Earthquake Felt In Unalaska

Alaska Earthquake Center

A magnitude-4.7 earthquake hit the Fox Islands early Monday morning and was felt in Unalaska.


According to the Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC), at 12:21 a.m. an earthquake at a depth of about 53 miles hit 26 miles southeast of Unalaska. 

Natalia Ruppert, a seismologist with the AEC, said the quake was not unusual for the region.


"Last night's M4.7 occurred within a known source of earthquake activity," said Ruppert.

As of Monday morning, there had been 3 "felt reports" from Unalaskans on the AEC's website. 

There have been 9,909 earthquakes felt in Alaska so far this year. About 25% occurred in the Aleutian Islands.

According to the AEC, Alaska has had a record number of seismic events in recent years. With a total of 50,289 reported earthquakes, 2019 finished as a runner up to the record-breaking 2018. The largest earthquakes last year were two magnitude 6.4 events: one on April 2 in the Rat Islands and one on Nov. 24 in the Andreanof Islands regions of the western Aleutians.  

Hope McKenney reported for KUCB from 2019 until 2022. She was KUCB's news director starting in 2021.
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