Highlights from the Channel 8 Archives: Crab Terror

Oct 21, 2015

Channel 8 Reporter conducts field interview about giant crab in our cult classic original horror film Crab Terror.
Credit KUCB

Unalaska Community Broadcasting was recently included in the American Archive Content Inventory Program through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and this allowed us to create a database of all of the tapes in our collection.  The AACIP program then funded the professional digitization of 65 tapes.  UCB footed the bill to digitize an additional 73 at-risk and high priority tapes at the same time.  One of the tapes that was chosen for digitization was the epic Crab Terror, produced by Channel 8 in 1984.  You can find the program in its entirety below.  

There are still about 1700 tapes in our attic that are rapidly degrading.  We need YOUR help to fund digitization of Unalaska's important video history.  If you'd like to adopt a tape, contact Lauren