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Ways To Vote In Unalaska's Municipal Election

Laura Kraegel/KUCB

City of Unalaska Municipal Election: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

VOTER QUALIFICATION: Persons seeking to vote must be registered to vote with the State of Alaska at a local address at least 30 days before the election (deadline of September 6, 2020).



a.     In Person at City Hall

                        i.     Voting appointments available through Monday, October 5, during regular business hours

                       ii.     Call the Clerk’s Office at 581-1251, option 4 to schedule appointment

                     iii.     Voter will bring identification (such as voter ID card, state-issued driver license or identification, or passport); wear a covering over the nose and mouth; and remain in the vestibule at City Hall during the voting process, which will be assisted by an Election Worker

b.     If you are out of town, apply for an Absentee Ballot. Contact the City Clerk at 581-1251, option 4, to request an application to vote absentee

                        i.     By Mail – application must be received no later than Thursday, October 1

                       ii.     By Electronic Transmission (Email or Fax) – application must be received no later than noon on Monday, October 5

                     iii.     To be counted, absentee ballots must be executed before the polls close in the city and be received by the City Clerk before the ballots are canvassed at 10am on Friday, October 9.

2.     ON ELECTION DAY at City Hall, 43 Raven Way; Polls open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

a.     In person: Voter will bring identification (such as voter ID card, state-issued driver license or ID; passport); wear a covering over the nose and mouth; and follow COVID-19 protective measures as explained by Election Workers

b.     By Personal Representative: If you are in quarantine or physically unable to vote in person at City Hall, you may send your representative to City Hall to obtain your ballot; bring the ballot to you to be voted; and return the voted ballot to City Hall before the polls close at 8pm. Note – additional paperwork required.

c.     Special Assistance: If a voter requires special assistance to vote on Election Day at City Hall (blindness, disability limitations or the inability to read or write) assistance may be provided by a person of the voter’s choice. 


We have devised protocols and procedures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 for all in person voting, to protect both voters and the election workers. On Election Day, voters are offered hand sanitizer, will wear coverings over the nose and mouth, observe social distancing, and follow a circuitous route through the voting area to reduce contact with others. Election workers will use hand sanitizer, utilize personal protective equipment and there are plexiglass screens between voters and election workers. Additionally, election workers will regularly sanitize voting booths, pens and other election materials.

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