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KUCB sweatshirt gets old school makeover with this year’s throwback design

2022 hoodie design by Brenden McEldery

Every fall KUCB holds its 24-hour annual pledge drive. And for each drive, a different artist designs the logo for a limited edition sweatshirt, which is given as a gift to station donors.

This year’s featured artist, Brenden McEldery, is the technology director for the Unalaska City School District. But as an artist, he generally flies under the radar.

“I'm kind of an introvert when it comes to my art,” McEldery said. “I’m in that kind of mindset that I would much rather have the art speak for itself than have me be the face of it, if that makes any sense. I definitely respect those artists that wear a mask and hide themselves.”

The boombox design he created for this year's event started off as just a sketch, he said.

“I just doodle,” McEldery said. “And I happened to start doodling an old school boombox and I was like, ‘you know, it would look pretty sweet if I threw some KUCB stickers on there. And maybe they could use it for something at sometime.’”

McEldery’s design is a colorful boombox, with its dial tuned to 89.7 FM. It features big speakers, a KUCB logo and stickers with the names and logos of some of the music and talk shows featured on the local radio station.

“We got the Beard on there, and one of my co-workers, Dan Smith, his logo for Indiecency,” McEldery said. “And then, of course, the Decometric Noise Storm for Carlos. And then I just started going through some other ones like AM Unalaska and Gilmar's Glimmer.”

McEldery’s design will be featured on this year’s KUCB hoody as well as on stickers. Those will be available as donor gifts during the annual membership pledge drive on Friday, Nov. 11. Stickers for some of KUCB’s radio shows will also be available for folks who donate during the fundraising event.

An Unangax̂ multimedia creator from Iluulux̂ [Unalaska], Kanesia is working to amplify the voices of Unangam Tanangin [Aleutian Chain] through web, audio and visual storytelling.
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