Winter in Unalaska by Sam Zmolek
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  • The Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska and KUCB are proud to present "Aqalix Qada!" — a traditional foods video series. The program features Unangax̂ elders and community members sharing their knowledge of traditional food preparation. "Aqalix Qada!" was filmed by Qawalangin Tribe staff members and edited by KUCB’s Kanesia McGlashan-Price. In our fourth episode, traditional foods expert Charlene Shaishnikoff shows us how to make deep fried chagix̂ (halibut)!
  • The council that manages fishing in federal waters voted to link groundfish trawl fishing in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands to halibut abundance today. The action caps — at least for now — a six-year debate about curbing halibut bycatch in Alaska.
  • All three Kenai Peninsula representatives to Juneau have signed onto a letter to the council that oversees commercial fishing in Alaska’s federal waters, joining a bipartisan chorus of voices demanding reduction of halibut bycatch.Specifically, representatives are asking the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to approve Alternative 4 at its meeting next week, which would take the most significant swing toward linking the trawl fleet’s fishing with halibut abundance in the Bering Sea.
  • This week on 49 Voices, we're hearing from Shane Baldwin in St. Paul.Baldwin is a commercial fishermen gearing up for halibut season, which starts in…