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Aleutian Airways slated to begin Unalaska service next month

A Saab 2000 aircraft landed in Unalaska for the first time in three years.
Theo Greenly
The new regional carrier plans to start regularly scheduled service between Unalaska and Anchorage Nov. 16.

Aleutian Airways plans to start regularly scheduled service between Unalaska and Anchorage next month, according to a statement released by the airline Tuesday morning.

Fares for a one-way ticket will start at $659, while a refundable ticket will cost $939. Those fares are equivalent to the ones offered by Ravn Alaska — the other airline currently servicing the island.

The new regional carrier, which is operated by Sterling Airways, will offer daily flights Monday through Friday, on its Saab 2000 aircraft, which is a high-speed turboprop plane that holds around 50 passengers.

An airline representative said the company will be introducing a second Saab to its fleet early next month, prior to the launch. The plane will be used on the Unalaska route and for group charters throughout the state.

Travelers will be able to make reservations as early as next week, and all passengers will get a free checked bag and one free personal item, the statement said.

Aleutian Airways began offering chartered service to the island in late September, after being granted approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly to the area.

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  • A Saab 2000 aircraft landed in Unalaska Wednesday morning for the first time in three years. It was a test flight for Aleutian Airways, a new regional carrier operated by Sterling Airways, to demonstrate to the Federal Aviation Administration they are qualified to land the Saab 2000 aircraft at Tom Madsen International Airport.
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