Senioritis is a Myth!

Mar 30, 2016

Credit Greta Mart

  Eight more weeks of high school!  You know what that means?  Eight more weeks of tedium, lethargy, and unwarranted stress!   

If you can feel the sarcasm pouring out of me right now—there’s a reason. 

Senioritis, that infamous condition afflicting every high schooler near the end of their career, is a lie.

You see, the home stretch doesn’t really feel any different from the past three years.  All the same puzzle pieces are there—unwarranted freak-outs over tests, overconsumption of coffee, raving mad teachers… you get the idea. 

Right now, life after high school is totally undefined. I mean, I know what I *want* to do after I graduate.  I’ll go to college, pursue a career in science journalism, and maybe being a ski bum for a while, but really?  Anything could happen.

But I still have to finish out senior year.  Yes, I’m tired; yes, I sleep in sometimes—but that’s something I’ve done at the end of every school year since sixth grade.  The motivation is running low, but it’s nothing I haven’t slogged through before.

The point is, all this moaning and groaning about how impossible all the work is, and how I’m ready to leave the island—about 80% of that’s just because I want something to complain about. I think I speak for the whole class when I say that yes, we are ready to move on, but one more quarter probably won’t kill anyone, especially considering that the last fifteen years didn’t.