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After 5 Eruptions This Weekend, Bogoslof Volcano Settles For Now

Feb 21, 2017

A view of Bogoslof’s eruption on Sunday, taken from a helicopter flying 53 miles southeast of the volcano.
Credit Janet Schaefer/ADGGS/AVO

Bogoslof Volcano stayed busy over the long weekend, erupting at least five times since Friday.

Janet Schaefer was lucky enough to see an explosion Sunday while she took a helicopter to the northwestern edge of Unalaska Island.

Schaefer works for the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), and she was there collecting ash samples from an eruption that dusted the island late last month.

“It was around 5:05 p.m. that we got a text message from the office saying the volcano was erupting. We looked up from our digging, and there it was -- a white plume with a grey bottom!" said Schaefer." We hauled in our gear, the helicopter pilot gained some elevation, and we were able to take photographs of the eruption plume.”

That plume extended about 100 miles southeast over the island and the Pacific Ocean. The AVO reported no ash fall in Unalaska.  

Since then, Bogoslof has been quiet, but scientists say volcanic activity could have escaped detection during Monday's heavy storm.

They believe Bogoslof is still in a state of unrest and could explode again with little warning.