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City Council Seat A (Mayor): Dennis M. Robinson


I was born in Unalaska and have lived here most of my life. I was 27 years old when I first served on the Unalaska City Council (1986-1992), and I’ve served our community on boards and committees throughout the years that followed.  Most recent City Council service (2008-2014, 2016-present) has led me to the position of Vice-Mayor (2018-present).  I’ve been an independent business owner, have worked in both the fishing and shipping industries, and have served to support our local non-profits with my time and money as well as serving on, and supporting, non-profit boards and committees. I live with my wife Lynda, and our two boys, Liam and Tristan, and have five grown daughters, Chelsea, Vanessa, Mariah, Kyesa and Ashley.

My interests in the community are as diverse as the community itself, ranging from city’s long and rich history, local industry, award winning public school system, beautiful public library, diverse cultures, and the arts. I am committed to do the best I can for all that live here.


My vision for Unalaska

Our environment and our energy

Pursue the development of Wind, Hydro and Geothermal energy aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and create the opportunity for new business. Recycling our waste is a must, and we need to work together to develop a workable plan for recycling.

Diversify our economy.

Fishing remains our #1 industry and source of income. However, tourism is coming to Unalaska. It’s important that we stay in the leading role in making decisions regarding how it affects our community, our economy, and our land.  

Improve our healthcare.

We have health needs right here in Unalaska, and flying off island for care is expensive and risky. We need more comprehensive medical services here on the island. In addition to a hospital and expanded services, Unalaska’s aging community needs elder care as well as respite care.


Let’s pave more of our roads, especially those that contribute to contamination levels and loss of habitat for fish in our lake and streams.


Available housing affects cost of living and diversity of our economy. To benefit all, we need to open up new options for housing the people in our community.


Let’s continue to explore less expensive methods of achieving faster Internet and better communications other than Fiber optics.


We must continue to protect our interests in the policy making of fishery issues. After all, what we have in Unalaska today is a direct result of a healthy and sustainable fishery.

There’s a traditional indigenous saying that means much to me both as a native Unangan and as a resident here in the Aleutian Islands.  “Treat the earth well: for it was not given to you by your parents, but loaned to you by your children.” I wish to join our industry and our community members in a vision for Unalaska that not only benefits our health, happiness and prosperity today, but for the generations to come.

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