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Dennis M. Robinson

Mr. Robinson has deep Unalaska roots and a strong desire to support Unalaska. This drives him to stay current with the unique opportunities and challenges that face our community. These include the shipping, fishing, energy, Arctic issues, and a greater Military presence. This also includes weekly fish reports and fishing industry policy changes that affect our community’s economy. Dennis immerses himself in trends locally, Statewide, and worldwide, staying abreast of what is happening in the energy industry. It’s important to know what they will require from our community, and what, in turn, will ultimately benefit us. Mr. Robinson has been an advocate for Unalaska wherever he travels.

The cost of living is out of hand and will get worse if we don’t reverse the trend of people leaving. Dennis is constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of living. His work as a board member of the Alaska Municipal League (AML) allows him influence on legislation at the State level. The positions held at AML and the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference require the person to be an elected official. These seats will be lost to Unalaska if Mr. Robinson is not reelected.

Our airport is not adequate and air travel to and from the Island is too expensive. Our utility costs are high. Please feel free to reach out to him on issues facing the community. All input as well as criticisms are welcome. After all it takes a community to affect change.

He currently serves as President of the Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska.

Board of Directors of OC.

He has nearly completed his 18 years as a City Council member in Unalaska.

He also serves on the following boards.

A Director for the Alaska Municipal League

A Director for The Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference

A Director for the Ounalashka Corporation

A Director on the Alaska Tribal Spectrum board

A Director on the Marine Conservation Alliance

He lives with his wife Lynda of 21 years and has seven grown children and two grandchildren.

Statements were submitted by candidates and have not been edited.

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