Resolve Pioneer Bound For Unalaska With Coast Guard Escort

Dec 11, 2017

The Resolve Pioneer is a tug supply vessel used in response, salvage, and towing operations.
Credit Courtesy of Marine Exchange Alaska

The U.S. Coast Guard is escorting a vessel back to Unalaska after it lost use of an engine last week.

The Resolve Pioneer was returning from Asia when it hit a snag in the western Pacific Ocean, somewhere southwest of Attu.

“We think there might be some fishing line or a net wrapped around one of the propellers,” said John O’Grady of Resolve Magone Marine, the salvage and rescue company that owns the vessel.

“It’s been slowed down and we’re running on one main engine instead of two, just as a precaution,” he said. “But there’s no danger. There’s no emergency. Basically, it’s all good.”

The tug is expected to reach the island in the next week or so, along with the Coast Guard Cutter Sherman.

Once they’re back, O’Grady said a dive team will cut away the snagged line and the Resolve Pioneer will resume its place in response, salvage, and towing operations.

He said the vessel will be “ready to go” after months of maintenance in Asia.