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The 2017 Bobby Johnson Summer Bay Classic

Sep 14, 2017

The 2017 Bobby Johnson Summer Bay Classic took place Saturday, September 9th beginning at the intersection in front of the community center at 10:30am. This annual half marathon is a memorial to the late Bobby Johnson and this year 9 runners and 6 bikers participated. 

According to PCR Recreation Coordinator Korey Ayers, the weather was agreeable for the athletes as they made their way over Overland Drive and around Summer Bay Lake.

“We had excellent weather.” Ayers said.  “It was mostly sunny with very little wind with the temperature in the mid-50’s. Perfect racing weather.”

Matt Scott won the race on bike with a time of 1:00:12. The first runner to cross the finish line was Joanna Hindenberger with a time of 1:39:08. This time earned her second place standing in the women’s category in the history of the race, behind Hallidie Wilt in 2012 with a time of 1:28:50.

The first individual to officially cross the finish line was Travis Swangel who travelled the race via electronic bike. Although he finished in just under 47 minutes, electronic bikes are not currently eligible to win medals.

The finish line was on King Street next to Tutiakoff Park and official times from the event can be found below.