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The City of Unalaska is collecting damage reports from the Oct. 21 – 22 windstorm. Complete the survey and you're eligible for landfill fee assistance for some windstorm related debris. Click here, or email

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IFHS's Executive Director Resigns

After almost five years under Eileen Conlon Scott, The Iliuliuk Family & Health Services (IFHS) will have a new executive director. Scott turned in her letter of resignation to the clinic’s board of directors last week. She says she planned on staying in Unalaska until she retired, but personal reasons are taking her to a new job in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

“I will miss the green, the water, the constant animals and mammals that are all over the place," Scott said. "And just, you don’t get to see that every day when you commute and see 10 whales in the harbor or the sea otter pods. It’ll be different seeing scorpions and rattle snakes, but I’m sure I’ll get used to that.”

There she will head up all the hospitals outpatient clinics and their new urgent care center. Plus, she’ll work on building up more specialty clinics and recruiting.

Postings for the executive director job are up online. Although there have been applicants, Scott says so far there are no real candidates yet. But, she’s done a lot of work to prepare.

“A lot of stuff I try to do ahead of time, so I’m not over-burdening people or that person who’s gonna step in," Scott said. "Like our contracts for next year are all done. Most of our insurance contacts, they’re all done."

Her last day at the clinic is August 16.