UCSD Student of the Week: Erica Andres

Oct 13, 2015

Credit UCSD

The Junior High Department selected Erica as Student of the Week (Week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 2) for the following reasons:

Erica is doing so well in Keyboarding this year. She uses her class time wisely, she comes in before school to get assignments completed, and she has great self-discipline. Her timed writing speeds have improved since 7th grade because of her hard work. Well done, Erica.
~Ms. Gurley, Business Teacher

Erica seems to have sprouted new wings over the summer and has truly taken flight as an eighth grade student. She has become an avid reader, already exceeding her reading goals for the first quarter. She takes her writing seriously, revising and editing thoroughly and writing about what matters to her. Not only does she have no missing work, she comes in often before school to get help and ask great questions. Furthermore, she is involved and engaged in class, participating in numerous ways, and helping to set the tone of being serious about working in class. Great job, Erica--keep it up!~Ms. Purevsuren, English Teacher

I have seen Erica become an active participant in class. She is asking and answering questions. Erica comes in for extra help. She is working extremely hard to understand the math concepts we are learning and she ensures she understands each concept. Erica is very organized, she is doing a great job balancing all the work in her various classes. I am proud of Erica and her determination and hard work. Great job!
~Mr. Kington, Math Teacher

Erica is the daughter of Eliza Andres.