City Timeline Shows Unalaska’s Library Renovation Should Be Complete By 2021

Mar 20, 2018

Architects estimate that it'll cost $4.6 million to increase the size of Unalaska's public library by 35 percent. The current building was finished in 1999.
Credit Laura Kraegel/KUCB

Over the next three years, Unalaska’s library is scheduled to undergo a major expansion.

City officials released a timeline for the renovation last month, after architects finished the preliminary design.

They plan to hire an engineer next winter to finalize the blueprints and then pick a construction company by early 2020.

That means the renovation should be done by spring of 2021.

For now, the city is still raising capital funding for the project. Architects estimate that it’ll cost $4.6 million to increase the size of the library by 35 percent.