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Board of Directors

Board Chair: Matt Lightner
Term Began: January 2010

Vice Chair: Alysha Richardson
Term Began: September 2013

Secretary/Treasurer: Richard Eaton
Term Began: August 2023

Board Member: Rose Sevilla
Term Began: October 2013

Board Member: Thomas McLenigan
Term Began: September 2021

Board Member: Brie McGrath
Term Began: January 2023

Board Member: Katherine McGlashan
Term Began: January 2023

We currently have a board vacancy. If you are interested in joining the KUCB board of directors, email


KUCB’s Community Advisory Board meets each year to evaluate programming and help our board of directors confirm whether or not we are fulfilling our mission as a community radio station. Our CAB is run as an informal discussion group. The group met on Saturday, September 9, noon, at the Norwegian Rat Saloon. Our current Community Advisory Board membership is as follows:

  • Thomas Rufos
  • Allison Harrington
  • Juliet Vries
  • Alyssa McDonald
  • Heidi Lucking
  • M. Lynn Crane
  • Hannah Vowell
  • Jim Paulin

What is a Community Advisory Board?  A group that gets together to review radio programming and provide input on the educational and cultural needs of Unalaska. CAB participants should be interested in community radio. The Community Advisory Boards play an invaluable role for stations by acting as a conduit for information, bringing it from corners of the community that staff members might not access.