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St. Paul, Alaska
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In a letter addressed to St. Paul community members, city officials recently urged residents to take energy-saving measures after Gov. Mike Dunleavy allowed funds from the Power Cost Equalization Program to be swept into the state's general funds.

"Reduce TV watching time, lower your thermostat by a couple degrees, wash laundry in cold water," are a few of the tips listed in the letter.


National Weather Service

Updated 7/29/2021 at 1:10 a.m.

The Department of Public Safety says Unalaskans are safe to return home after a tsunami warning Wednesday night caused community members to evacuate to higher ground. 

Communities from Seward to Nikolski received warnings after a magnitude-8.2 earthquake hit approximately 80 miles southeast of Chignik.  

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Paralytic shellfish poisoning, caused by eating seafood contaminated with toxins from harmful algal blooms, can be deadly to humans. Now, using marine samples from Unalaska, scientists are trying to understand if those harmful algal blooms could also be responsible for seabird die-offs.

Courtesy of AFDF

Representatives from the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation visited Unalaska last week as part of its push to expand the state's mariculture industry.

Gov. Bill Walker created the Alaska Mariculture Task Force in 2016. Since then, the organization has been focused on developing the state's mariculture industry to meet its long-term goal of $100 million by 2038.

Courtesy of GCI

An Alaska-based telecommunications company says it's reached a major milestone in its mission to bring Unalaskans improved digital connectivity through a new fiber optic line.