Channel 8 Television

Volunteers had fun with a Halloween episode of Flash! Unalaska in 2014.
Credit KUCB File Photo

A central messaging system that serves our community through local productions and a scrolling Community Bulletin Board.  Staff collaborates with volunteers to create about 10 hours of local programming per week.  Our signature weekly show is called Flash! Unalaska and it has been on the air since 1988.  Channel 8 also runs local documentaries, live City Council meetings, archival content, and rebroadcasts of community events and lectures.

The Bobby Johnson Summer Bay Classic took place Saturday, September 3rd starting at 2pm. This annual half marathon is a memorial to the late Bobby Johnson and this year 21 athletes participated. 

Larry Mattingly: Unalaska's Fireworks Expert

Jul 5, 2016
Robi Harris

Unalaska nearly didn’t have a 4th of July fireworks display this year. But, the city was able to convince Larry Mattingly to return. Larry is a pyrotechnician, and has been in charge of the fireworks show in town for 13 years.

In an area with very few licensed pyrotechnicians, Larry has his hands full. He estimates, “five or six years ago, we figure we fired 100,000 shells. In one night. In five states.”

PCR Staff

  In its mission to provide exemplary, accessible, and safe recreation facilities, the City of Unalaska, Parks, Culture and Recreation department is seeking the community’s help to keep Unalaska’s 8 parks clean and safe. Each park has a dog bag station and several trash cans. Some of the parks have restroom facilities. Lately, there have been reports of vandalism incidents at the facilities. According to Recreation Manager Albert Burnham, the restrooms at Sitka Spruce Park were littered and clogged with toilet paper.

Unalaska Men Choose Respect

Jun 9, 2016
Dmitri Dela Cruz

  A group of young and adult men outfitted in life vests, huddled together by Iliuliuk Lake on a sunny and windy Saturday afternoon. Off to the side was an inflated rubber raft piled with oars. They appeared ready to go out on the lake, but there was an underlying idea bigger than just the activity of paddling.

Smiling friends and family filed into the large gym waiting with anticipation for the senior class to boldly walk the aisle to the UCSD band playing, “Pomp and Circumstance.” Spirits were high at the 2016 UCSD Graduation Ceremony which was held Saturday, May 21st at 7pm.

The class of 2016 took seats in the corner opposite the band under a massive arch made of blue and gold balloons.

The ceremony started off with a few kind words from UCSD Superintendent John Conwell.