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In past years, on the final day of school, teachers and staff at Unalaska City School and Eagle's View Elementary Achigaalux would come dressed in their finest summer-vacation-themed attire as they'd bid farewell to their students with high-fives, hugs, and warm wishes of a relaxing and productive summer.


However, as is the case for many events this spring, the occasion looked starkly different from years past.

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While hundreds of friends and family members usually gather in the large gym at Unalaska City School in anticipation for the seniors to begin their ceremonial walk down the aisle for graduation, this year's UCSD event looked far different.


Congratulations to Unalaska's Class of 2020!

May 16, 2020

The Unalaska City School District got creative with graduation this year, in order to make a festive day while following social distancing requirements.  Diplomas were given out to students in groups of five, followed by a caravan of seniors, and finally a virtual graduation event on Channel 8.  You can watch the program here:  

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''[An] old scuba diver enjoying watching from Pittsburgh, PA,'' ''Hi from Summerville Oregon,'' ''Enjoying this from Wisconsin,'' read a few of the comments on KUCB's live Facebook event for Dockside Discovery, which took place on Monday in Unalaska.

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Unalaska's nonprofits have always relied on a mixture of tourism, city funding, and local donors to keep their coffers full. But the coronavirus pandemic has threatened all three revenue streams.

Now, local nonprofits who were planning spring fundraisers or banking on cruise ship traffic are concerned about their financial futures. And though the City of Unalaska awarded the vast majority of their grant requests for fiscal year 2021, officials warn that next year will likely bring large funding cuts.