Unalaska City High School

Maggie Nelson/KUCB


The Unalaska City School District is now in its fourth week of a mix between in-person and home-based learning. Groups of students have returned to their classrooms in the afternoons, Monday through Thursday, while working remotely in the mornings.   

And while most of the district's younger students are attending afternoon in-person classes, only about a third of upperclassmen have chosen to return, according to district officials.

Berett Wilber


The Unalaska City School District will have to fill a total of 10 vacancies for the upcoming school year. 

Eight teachers, the Unalaska High School registrar, and Eagle's View Elementary Achigaalux̂ Principal Chad Eichenlaub have all submitted letters of resignation, according to Superintendent John Conwell.

Maggie Nelson/KUCB


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact in-person learning in Unalaska, nearly a third of the island's high school population is failing at least one class, according to school officials. And some seniors could be at risk of not graduating.