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John Lyons / USGS

In a new study, scientists say a group of volcanic Aleutian islands could be part of a massive, single, undiscovered volcano.

While scientists have been compiling their research for six years, there's still a lot to piece together, according to Diana Roman, a volcanologist with the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC.

courtesy of Kale Bruner

Unalaska's Museum of the Aleutians has been publishing a series of Instagram posts about historically and locally significant places on the island since late June.

Alaska Earthquake Center

A magnitude-6.4 earthquake hit about 25 miles east of Nikolski Tuesday morning, and was felt by residents in Nikolski, Unalaska, and Akutan. The earthquake hit just before 7:30 a.m.

It was a "reasonable size tectonic earthquake," according to Dave Schneider, a geophysicist with the Alaska Volcano Observatory. He said Aleutian Island residents can expect to feel some aftershocks.

"This is a pretty typical tectonic earthquake for the region," he said. "It's on a very seismically active part of the Aleutian arc, and there's nothing that jumps out as being unusual."

NOAA FishWatch

In a new study, scientists have linked warming Arctic temperatures, changing wind patterns, and shifting currents to movement of commercially valuable Alaska pollock in the Bering Sea.

The Bering Sea has seen the loss of a summer cold water barrier in recent years, which used to keep pollock from spreading out and moving north.

But while scientists are seeing drastic shifts in pollock movement patterns, further research needs to be conducted to know what the changes mean for communities like Unalaska/Dutch Harbor and the billion-dollar pollock industry.

Hope McKenney/KUCB

The Unalaska Fire Department responded to a fire at the Airport Restaurant Monday night. 

Fire Chief Patrick Shipp said at around 11:45 p.m., he was notified that a fire alarm was going off at the airport. 

"Dispatch dispatched the police, as well as the fire department," he said. "First arriving officers from the police department on scene reported flames showing at the roofline. The first crews went into the building and found the source of heat was in the kitchen area of the restaurant at the airport."