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Aleutian Life Forum

Dozens of scientists are descending on Unalaska this week for the Aleutian Life Forum.

Starting Tuesday, the five-day conference will bring together researchers and community leaders as they promote conservation and coastal resilience across the Aleutian Islands in the face of a changing climate.

At a recent City Council meeting, Mayor Shirley Marquardt encouraged community members to sit it on some of the many public lectures and workshops. 

Office of Subsistence Management

For the first time ever, Unalaska is hosting the group that guides federal subsistence rules in Southwest Alaska. 

Since it formed in the 1990s, the Kodiak/Aleutians Subsistence Regional Advisory Council has met mostly in Kodiak and Cold Bay.

But next week, the Council will gather at the Grand Aleutian Hotel for a two-day discussion of hunting and fishing issues around the region.

USACE Winds Down Attu Cleanup Until Next Year

Aug 10, 2016
Dena O'Dell / USACE-Alaska District Public Affairs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is wrapping up its work on Attu for the season. This summer, the Corps made camp on the uninhabited, western-most island in the Aleutian chain.

Over six weeks, the Corps worked to clean up two World War II-era military sites that were leaking tar and petroleum, contaminating the soil and entrapping the sea birds living on the island.

Zoe Sobel/KUCB



What happens when five teenagers pile onto a research vessel and go island hopping through the Aleutians? Science. Education. And maybe a peek into their futures.


courtesy NOAA’s Fisheries Science Center


Climate change may get all the attention, but it has a less-talked-about but no less troubling twin: ocean acidification. A growing chorus of Alaskans, from shellfish growers to fishermen, are fretting about the potential impacts to the state’s waters. Now a new collaboration is aiming to bring ocean acidification into the spotlight — with the hope that better understanding it will better prepare the state to adapt.