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UCSD Student of the Week: Stephen Nguyen

Oct 15, 2015

The 5th/6th Department selected Stephen as Student of the Week (Oct 5-9) for the following reasons:

Stephen is a vibrant young individual, who displays a positive personality, in which others in the class feed off of. He has gained big steps this week by helping a new student in the class, who was in need. In PE class Stephen shows honesty, great effort, and trustworthy qualities. Stephen has also improved his sportsmanship dramatically and does a great job following other game rules. He is enjoyable to be around. KEEP ON ROCKING MR. STEPHEN! ~Mr. Clausius, PE Teacher

UCSD Student of the Week: Erica Andres

Oct 13, 2015

The Junior High Department selected Erica as Student of the Week (Week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 2) for the following reasons:

Erica is doing so well in Keyboarding this year. She uses her class time wisely, she comes in before school to get assignments completed, and she has great self-discipline. Her timed writing speeds have improved since 7th grade because of her hard work. Well done, Erica.
~Ms. Gurley, Business Teacher

UCSD Student of the Week: Isaac Guge

Oct 7, 2015

The High School Department selected Isaac as Student of the Week (September 21-25) for the following reasons:

Isaac has done a great job of getting the school year off to a good start. I have been very impressed with his work ethic this year and how seriously he has been taking his academic performance. He asks great questions in class, demonstrating that he is not only learning the material but engaging it at a deep level that requires serious thought and commitment. Keep up the good work, Mr. Guge!
~Mr. Henderson, Teacher

UCSD Student of the Week: Senior Class 2016

Oct 5, 2015

The Principal's pick for Student of the Week for September 14-18 are the Senior Class of 2016 for the following reasons:

UCSD Student of the Week: Gerwin Mateo

Sep 28, 2015

The 5th/6th Department selected Gerwin as Student of the Week (September 7-11, 2015) for the following reasons:

Gerwin is a great addition to our classroom! He is a great partner and table mate paying special attention to details and helping to keep his group on task. He actively participates in group discussions and shares his ideas with the group. Gerwin has already developed great time-management skills and is very organized. He is off to a great start and I think Gerwin will have a terrific year! Keep up the good work, Gerwin! :)
~Miss Wood, 6th Grade Teacher