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The High School Department Selected Mark Anthony Flavin as Student of the Week (May 9-13, 2016) for the following reasons:

Anthony is really fun to be around and he brightens my day. He's a funny guy who cracks me up all the time. He has an inspiring curiosity and never wants to stop learning. I'm really proud of what he's accomplished in the past four years and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for him in the future. Congratulations, Anthony! ~Mrs. Burnham, Teacher

Students Say RAHI Prepares Them For Success

May 19, 2016

Every summer, the University of Alaska Fairbanks hosts the Rural Alaskan Honors Institute, or RAHI. The program offers a glance at college for high schoolers in their junior or senior years. 

For the past few years, the number of Unalaskan students attending has been increasing. This summer, six 11th graders will travel to Fairbanks to take classes in subjects like English, chemistry, and calculus. 

Former RAHI students say the program helped them prepare for their senior year of high school. Senior Rex Marquardt was one of them.

When kids are in the lower grades like 1st through 6th, a lot of them do not pay attention when doing homework. Homework causes students stress when they do not get it done and they get a lower grade because of it too. Some students aren’t very good with time management and it reflects badly on how smart they are using their grades so there should be a separate assessment for it. Kids should not have homework when they are younger because it has more disadvantages than benefits.

UCSD Student of the Week: Kaye Gumera

May 13, 2016

The Principal’s pick this week for Student of the week (May 2-6, 2016) is Kaye Gumera for the following reasons:

Kaye Gumera is a very disciplined athlete who is a good role model for her peers, through her hard work and dedication for NYO Kaye was awarded athlete of the year. Kaye has a strong competitive nature and love of competition for all sports she is involved in. Way to go Kaye, keep up the good work and we are proud of you.  ~ Genee, NYO Coach

UCSD Student of the Week: Ahron Palmer

May 4, 2016

The 5th/6th Department selected Ahron Palma as Student of the Week (April 25-29, 2016) for the following reasons: