Stories from the KUCB Newsroom from the Aleutian Region, the Pribilof Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, and beyond.

Greta Mart

Dozens of residents came to City Hall this week to express their views on commercial marijuana sales on the island. For two hours straight Monday night, Unalaskans spoke their minds. They listened respectfully as their neighbor or coworker did the same. 

Many said they are against allowing a store to open here. 15 people urged the city council to "opt out," or pass a local law to prevent a retail marijuana store from opening.

Ballyhoo Rescue

Jan 4, 2016
Unalaska Fire & EMS

The Unalaska Fire Department rescued a man this weekend from a cliff face on east side of Ballyhoo Mountain.

Fire chief Zac Schasteen says the department received a call at 5:25 p.m. Sunday night  reporting a man stuck "roughly 100 feet up on the cliff face" above the Kloosterboer Dock on Ballyhoo Road. Responders maneuvered a ladder truck to reach the stranded man, wrap him in a harness and lower him to the ground. 

According to responders, the man was released to his shipmates and captain after a brief evaluation.

Unalaska Fire

A Dutch Harbor family is homeless this week after a fire destroyed their triplex home on Chernofski Drive early Monday morning.

The home is a total loss, says Unalaska fire chief Zac Schasteen, but nobody was injured in the blaze.

A propane tank attached to the residence is a suspected potential cause of the fire. An investigation is underway.

"We're not ruling anything out at this point," Schasteen said.

The fire spread up into the building's attic, where it burned for over nine hours.

Greta Mart

A power outage affected local residents in the early morning hours Sunday, the third such outage in December for Unalaska Island.

Electrical service to homes in the valley shut down around 4:10 a.m., and the initial outage lasted until roughly 6:45 a.m. Power was restarted for a quarter hour before shutting off once again just before 7 a.m. for an additional 15 minutes. As of 7:12 a.m. Sunday, the power was back on.


Greta Mart

Recently-installed electrical equipment at the Alyeska seafood processing plant triggered a power outage Friday.

KUCB reached Dan Winters, director of public utilities, by email Monday morning to ask about the suspected cause of Friday's outage.

Winters said there was an unscheduled partial power outage at 3:45 p.m. It affected power customers on Unalaska Island and Captains Bay. All circuits were closed and full power back on by 4:10 p.m.