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Two men walking around town are part of GCI's push to bring high-speed internet to Unalaska.

GCI Vice President Dan Boyette said their walks will help the telecommunications company figure out what fiber optic cable distribution might look like on the island.

"They started July 2, and I'd expect to see them throughout this week and into early next week," said Boyette. "They'll be measuring all the distances and poking around to determine exactly what it will take to do this bit of construction."

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Last week, KUCB reported that Unalaska's Wildlife Trooper post is shrinking due to state budget constraints. Now, we bring you more on the two enforcement officers affected — one who's leaving the island this month, and another who's just getting settled.

The former is Damian Lopez Plancarte, who's worked as a public safety technician for the last two years. He's resigning just as his job is being phased out.   

Courtesy of APICDA

Luke Fanning has been named CEO of the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Community Development Association.

APICDA's board of directors made the announcement last week after a six-month search for Larry Cotter's replacement.

The founding CEO is retiring at the end of the month, while Fanning transitions from his current role as APICDA's chief financial officer.

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Unalaska's Wildlife Trooper post is shrinking once again.

This summer, the state is cutting a public safety technician, reducing the island's once-large posting to a one-man operation.

"Dutch Harbor used to have three troopers, a sergeant ..."

Damian Lopez Plancarte is currently one-half of the Wildlife Trooper post in Unalaska — a post that used to encompass a lot more than two men.

"Like, five boat people and two administrative people were here," he says. "That was back during the crab derby days."

Courtesy Ronan Gray

Three Unalaska residents will be honored by the Anchorage Municipal Assembly.

On April Fool’s day, Ronan Gray, Damian Lopez Plancarte, and Mary Heimes helped rescue a child from a crevasse on Portage Glacier.

Their flight home had been cancelled, so they went for a walk. And they were approached by a man who said his son was trapped in the ice.