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The deadline for local businesses to apply for CARES Act funding is Friday, July 24, at noon.

This second application round is open to non-essential businesses that had to close due to COVID-19, as well as essential businesses that have also been impacted by the pandemic.

"And everyone who is either essential or non-essential — it doesn't really matter at this point — should just apply if you feel like you have reason to apply or were affected by COVID," said Bil Homka, director of Unalaska's Planning Department. 

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Unalaska's nonprofits have always relied on a mixture of tourism, city funding, and local donors to keep their coffers full. But the coronavirus pandemic has threatened all three revenue streams.

Now, local nonprofits who were planning spring fundraisers or banking on cruise ship traffic are concerned about their financial futures. And though the City of Unalaska awarded the vast majority of their grant requests for fiscal year 2021, officials warn that next year will likely bring large funding cuts. 

Dave Gregory and Darin Nicholson

Voters asked City Council hopefuls Darin Nicholson and Dave Gregory about Unalaska's housing, budget, and more during last week's Candidates Forum.

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Despite spending concerns, the City of Unalaska has adopted a $39.9 million budget for fiscal year 2020 — up 27 percent from this year.

Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association

Changes are underway in Unalaska's health care landscape.

About a year ago, the island's two main providers agreed to streamline their services in an effort to avoid duplication, cut costs, and improve access for all community members.

Charles Fagerstrom is health director at the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association (APIA), which has long provided care to tribal members around the region.

Fagerstrom sat down with KUCB's Laura Kraegel to provide an update on APIA's progress in partnering with the local clinic, Iliuliuk Family and Health Services (IFHS).