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The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for a fisherman who went missing on Thursday morning in Unalaska.

33-year-old Steven Mencer was reported missing after failing to report to crew check-in while the Alaska Mist, a 164-foot fishing vessel, was moored at Coastal Transportation Northern Dock.  

Melissa McKenzie, a Coast Guard Public Affairs Specialist, said Mencer was last seen wearing a neon green pullover rain jacket with orange and black pants.

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Police are investigating the cause of a car crash that killed two Unalaska high school students — but answers may still be months away.

Passengers Karly McDonald, 16, and Kiara Renteria Haist, 18, died Thursday when a pickup truck tumbled 900 feet down a ravine on Mount Ballyhoo and broke into pieces.

Interim Police Chief John Lucking said his department has secured the area surrounding the crash site, as well as the nearby gun range that allows access to the area. Now, he's looking for an expert who can scale up and down the mountain collecting evidence.

Unalaska Department of Public Safety

Two members of Kodiak Island Search and Rescue (KISAR) were flown to Unalaska to help local responders recover the bodies of Karly McDonald, 16, and Kiara Renteria Haist, 18.

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Note: APIA's behavioral health staff is in Unalaska to support grieving students, families, and community members. This weekend, you can reach providers by calling 359-2743. They're available over the phone, or they'll provide information on how you can make a face-to-face appointment. You can also find more information here

Emergency responders have recovered the bodies of two Unalaska high school students who died in a car accident Thursday afternoon.