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Greta Mart

Justin Leon is the newest staff biologist at Dutch Harbor's Alaska Department of Fish and Game office. He now assists biologist Miranda Westphal in managing the Bering Sea Aleutian Islands (BSAI) area for the Division of Commercial Fisheries. 

Leon has been on the job now since December and said he and his wife had always wanted to see Unalaska, so when a job came up here he eagerly applied. The couple moved here from Nome with their new baby boy.

Kelty Receives Excellence in Service Award

Feb 3, 2016
Frank Kelty

Unalaska City Council Member and former Mayor Frank Kelty was recently honored with an Excellence in Service Award from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. Kelty was one of five recipients of the award this year, and was recognized for his many years of service to the Unalaska Advisory Committee. 

Greta Mart

Local Coast Guard personnel are investigating a diesel fuel spill at the Carl E. Moses boat harbor.

The spill was discovered on Monday afternoon, when the crew of a neighboring vessel noticed it and notified the Coast Guard's Dutch Harbor office.

According to Supervisor Lt. Bill Fitzgerald, after an initial investigation, unit personnel weren't able to determine who caused the spill or precisely when an estimated  "couple hundred gallons" went into the water, he said.

Unalaska Fisheries Report, 1/29/16

Jan 29, 2016

Frank recaps the first week of the pollock fishery.  He also runs through catch reports for all of the regional fisheries. 

The name is ‘Pollock.’ Just ‘Pollock’

Jan 21, 2016
NOAA Fishwatch

It’s official: The fish formerly known as “Alaska Pollock” now goes by a single name. It’s just called “pollock” now. That’s according to the FDA, which today updated its list of acceptable seafood marketing names.