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Unalaska Fisheries Report, 1/29/16

Jan 29, 2016

Frank recaps the first week of the pollock fishery.  He also runs through catch reports for all of the regional fisheries. 

The name is ‘Pollock.’ Just ‘Pollock’

Jan 21, 2016
NOAA Fishwatch

It’s official: The fish formerly known as “Alaska Pollock” now goes by a single name. It’s just called “pollock” now. That’s according to the FDA, which today updated its list of acceptable seafood marketing names.

Ethan Nichols

The 200-foot-long oil spill response barge Ibis came off its mooring Saturday afternoon in rough seas and drifted onto Front Beach, requiring a coordinated response effort. The barge has been anchored in Iliuliuk Bay for the past several months.

The barge is owned by Resolve Magone Marine Services. As of Saturday evening, a company crew had maneuvered the barge off the beach and guided it back to Magone Marine in Dutch Harbor. 

Dan Magone, Resolve Magone Marine president, said gale force winds on Saturday afternoon caused the barge the break loose from its mooring.

Unalaska Fisheries Report, 1/15/16

Jan 15, 2016

First episode of the New Year!  

Annie Ropeik/KUCB

Commercial fishing in Alaska was once known as one of the deadliest professions. It's still pretty dangerous, but the number of fatalities each year is trending downward.

The U.S. Coast Guard announced in October that over a recent yearlong period, not one commercial fisherman had perished at sea while working.