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St. Paul, Alaska
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On the remote Pribilof Island of St. Paul, the school year started off with roughly 25 percent of students doing home-based education, despite the fact that the school was open to students.

As the year has progressed, most of those students have returned. But like in many remote areas in Alaska, St. Paul remains on high alert because the effects of returning to distance-based education in the small community of just 397 people could be particularly devastating.

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The Unalaska City School Board has approved an agreement with local service provider TelAlaska to provide limited remote learning services for students and staff in the district. 

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Unalaska schools reopened today under the Unalaska City School District's Smart Start 2020 plan. The district is holding a "soft opening" with a limited number of students attending classes for the first three days. 

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Local schools will be reopening later this month under the Unalaska City School District's Smart Start 2020 plan.

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The Unalaska School Board voted to adopt the school district's Smart Start 2020 Plan at its meeting Wednesday night.

The district will submit the plan to the state on August 7, and according to Unalaska City School District Superintendent John Conwell, officials with the Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) said they are hoping to return the plan with feedback within 24 hours.