Chrissy Roes/KUCB

In honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day, which took place on Monday, admission to Unalaska's Museum of the Aleutians will be free to the public through Saturday. 

Museum Director Ginny Hatfield said the museum will also be celebrating the holiday through a social media campaign in an effort to decolonize the nation's history. Museum staff plan to use the campaign as a platform to speak with Indigenous people in the region, as well as Unangax̂ community members.

Pipa Escalante/KUCB

Since December 1975, the City of Unalaska has had one constant employee.

“I may be having an identity crisis next week, but right now my name is AB Rankin. I've been the City Treasurer for the City of Unalaska for 40 years and that's all I've done since I was 26.”

And today, she retires. AB grew up in Unalaska, but when it was time for high school she had to leave the island. The U.S. government had three schools they would send Alaska Native kids to including Mount Edgecumbe in Sitka. But she did not want to go there.