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The fishing season continues to be in a lull. Frank recaps this week's numbers.


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game hopes to generate $200,000 from a new herring test fishery. The fish would be used for both food and bait. The organization is trying to make up for cuts to the state’s general fund budget.

To do that, they’re looking for bids. So far there has been some interest, but there’s one significant hurdle.

Surimi Forum Draws Unalaska Processors

Apr 12, 2016
Wikimedia commons

Seafood processing industry leaders are gathering for the 16th annual Surimi Forum this week in Oregon.

Mark Johahnson, the president of Westward Seafoods, will be there to make a presentation about surimi supply and it's global market. Surimi is one of Dutch Harbor processing companies' main products.


For you impatient audiophiles, here's the audio/podcast of SEAL: The Case of The Vanishing Seals (An Alaskan Island Mystery), airing Mar. 28 - 31 on KUCB.


You can read the full story (and ogle more photos of the seals and the Pribilof Islands) at KUCB.org.

KUCB/John Ryan photo

Chapter 1. An Amazing Disaster

From a viewing blind in the middle of a seal rookery on Alaska's remote Pribilof Islands, it can be hard to fathom this place once holding vastly more life than it does now.

Untold thousands of chubby brown bodies drape over boulders and sprawl across the tundra into the distance: northern fur seals. Their bleating, groaning and barking fill the cool, salty air.