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Around October every year for the last 19 years, Unalaska High School students have been wading into the Iliuliuk River, under science teacher Steven Gregory's guidance, to collect pairs of spawning salmon.


Last week, students in Gregory's fisheries class stretched a seine net from bank to bank, while another group waded upstream, rhythmically slapping large dip nets on the surface of the water.

Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska



This summer, Unalaska collected information on the sockeye salmon run for McLees Lake at Cape Wislow. The data is used to gauge the strength of the run and to establish regulations for subsistence fishing. 


After 17 years of monitoring the salmon run there, in 2018 and 2019 the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was unable to secure funding for the weir.


Seafood Industry Letter To Unalaska Regarding COVID-19

Apr 4, 2020

Dear Unalaska Community:

Along with the rest of the nation and the world, the seafood industry of Unalaska has been coping with the fast-paced turn of events in the face of the national health pandemic created by the exponential spread of the coronavirus.  Like you, we are very concerned about what the coronavirus pandemic means to our families, neighbors, and livelihoods in Unalaska and other Alaskan coastal communities, and the Alaska seafood system overall, both in the short and long term.

Hope McKenney/KUCB

While Dutch Harbor has been named the nation's top fishing port in terms of volume for the 22nd consecutive year, the port dropped from second to third place in terms of value.

According to an annual National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report released last month, the Port of Dutch Harbor led the nation with 763 million pounds of seafood landed in 2018, worth $182 million. But the value of landings in Naknek, Alaska, rose to $195 million. 

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The City of Unalaska has hired former mayor Frank Kelty as its fisheries lobbyist.

The City Council approved his one-year, $51,000 contract last month in a narrow 4-3 tiebreaker vote.

KUCB's Hope McKenney called Kelty in California — where he retired last year — to ask what he'll be doing in his new role.