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Unalaska's ballot is set, and it's got everything from a five-way race for mayor to a referendum on commercial marijuana.

As of Monday, City Clerk Cat Hazen said incumbent Mayor Shirley Marquardt is facing competition from four challengers: Ralph Harvey, Frank Kelty, Christopher Price, and Vincent Tutiakoff Sr.

There's also a five-way contest for City Council seat C. Incumbent Roger Rowland is vying for reelection against Kenneth Bezold, Richard Campbell, Darin Nicholson, and Jeffrey Treannie.

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Longtime Unalaska Mayor Shirley Marquardt will have some competition this October.

That's because two candidates have filed to run against her in the city's upcoming election: Frank Kelty and Christopher Price.

Price is head of the Environmental Department for the Qawalangin Tribe. Meanwhile, Kelty serves on the City Council, although he held the Mayor's Office for multiple terms starting in 1990s.

Greta Mart

City Councilor Roger Rowland is running for reelection.

According to Unalaska City Clerk Cat Hazen, Rowland has declared his candidacy for the October election, when he'll try to hold on to Council Seat C for a fourth term.

As of Wednesday, no one has filed to challenge Rowland for his spot, and only one other candidate has filed at all. That's incumbent mayor Shirley Marquardt, who's also set to run unopposed on the October ballot.

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Mayor Shirley Marquardt is running for reele​ction.

She's the fir​st person to declare her candidacy for city office, according City Clerk Cat Hazen.

Candidates have until August 18 to file for the October election.

Beyond the Mayor's seat, the ballot will include three spots on the City Council and three on the school board.

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Looking to run for local office?

Starting Thursday, Unalaskans can declare their candidacy for mayor, city council, or school board.